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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second major cannabinoid found in cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana. Unlike the other major cannabinoid THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. The effects of CBD include: alerting at low doses, sedating at high doses, reduces pain, relaxes muscle spasms, potent anti-inflammatory, stops nausea/vomiting, reduces anxiety/depression, counters psychotic thoughts, anti-oxidant, anti-convulsant, neuro-protectant, and anti-tumor effects.*


Can you get high off of CBD?

CBD is considered to be a non-psychoactive cannabinoid so it will not get you high in the way that marijuana (THC) gets you high. But CBD is known to be relaxing so you may feel a sort of subtle “high” and relaxation. For some CBD will be too sedating; others will find that the sedating effects of CBD are great for insomnia.*


What are the effects of CBD?

CBD has been shown to have the following effects: non psychoactive (does not cause a high), alerting in low to moderate doses, sedating in high doses, reduces pain, reduces muscle spasms, anti-inflammatory, stops nausea/vomiting, reduces anxiety/depression, counters psychotic thoughts, antioxidant, anticonvulsant, neuroprotectant, and anti-tumor.*

Can you overdose on CBD?

CBD has been shown to be safe to use in high doses. CBD will not cause a fatal overdose. However it is possible to take too much CBD. A consequence of taking too much CBD is the increased chance of negative side effects like lethargy or drowsiness.*


What is CBD used for?

People are finding that CBD is useful for many conditions which have not responded well to conventional treatments. New ailments which CBD can help treat are being discovered every day. However the most common uses of CBD are treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, and epilepsy.*


What are CBD edibles?

CBD edibles are food products infused with CBD. CBD edibles are an oral route of administration of CBD. Common CBD edibles products are chocolates, gummy bears, or CBD gum.  We have decided to break the mold of “sweet”, to bring you our chef created savory condiments.


Do drug tests look for CBD?

No. Drug tests look for THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana. Drug tests do not test for specifically CBD. But some CBD cannabis oils and CBD hemp oils will contain either a small amount (in the case of CBD hemp oil) or significant amount of THC (in the case of CBD cannabis oil). These amounts of THC, even if they are tiny, can cause a failure of a drug test when a person is using CBD oil. Even if the amount of THC is very small as in the case of CBD hemp oil (which does not allow for a presence of THC higher than 0.3%), a drug test failure can occur if the person using the CBD hemp oil in large quantities. Caution must be taken with drug tests and CBD oil. However, Jenny + Julio products are 99.9% pure CBD, with no THC. See lab tests here.


Can you ship Jenny & Julio CBD to my state?

Yes! CBD contains minimal to no THC, which allows it to be shipped across state lines. We can ship to all 50 States!


What is the shelf life of Jenny & Julio CBD?  

All products are “Crafted with Love” in our scratch kitchen.  When stored in your refrigerator, our products our best used within 2 weeks of the Crafted On Date on the package.


Can People with food allergies or dietary restrictions use Jenny & Julio CBD?

Our products are all Dairy Free, Gluten Free, and Nut Free. If you have any other dietary concerns, please email us at contact@jandjcbd.com.

How do I order for my collective/dispensary/delivery service?  

If you are interested in placing a wholesale order for your store or delivery service, please contact us: contact@jandjcbd.com.

*This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease