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Savory CBD edibles for the gourmet in all of us

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Jenny Behm-Lazzarini

Growing up I would volunteer at the nursing home my mother worked at, it sparked a strong interest for me to follow my love of helping people and I went to school for exercise science.  Upon graduating I took a deviation in my career path but always maintained a passion for helping people and medicine. Nine years ago I followed another passion I had, that being cooking. As an amateur cook I entered Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef USA and won!  Traveling the world and cooking for all types of people has been life changing. I have seen firsthand what food and nutrients can do for people. When my mom was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer four years ago we talked in depth about how CBD can help with pain management and nausea.  My aunt who was diagnosed with MS over ten years ago turned to CBD about a year ago to help manage her symptoms and after years of competitive and extreme sports I knew that CBD was the right medication for me. The strong family and personal connections with CBD, food, and my passion to help people, it was a no brainer to create the Jenny & Julio Savory CBD line of products.

Julio Lazzarini

After 20 + years of working as a professional chef and years of extreme sports as a kid I was told I had the body of a 70 year old man.  I was prescribed pain medication but I knew I wanted use something more nature to manage the pain. I did my due diligence in researching my options.  I found that CBD was an excellent choice for me. It has really helped me to control the pain and function on a daily basis. I found that finding items that were not just sweets, tinctures, or topicals was a challenge.  Utilizing my culinary knowledge and passion for food I wanted to create a savory CBD line. With inspiration from my friends and my wife the Jenny & Julio brand was born.

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